Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Title: The Disproportional Impact of HIV/AIDS in Communities of Color

Thesis: Institutionalized racism has directly caused a disproportionate amount of African and Latinx Americans to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

I. Introduction: The AIDS Quilt & Analysis of Artifact

II. Main Arguments
  A. Initial Reactions to HIV/AIDS 

                    1. ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)’s call for racial and gender inclusive HIV/ AIDS research.

                    2. Early public misinformation due to immediate stigmatization, forcing the LGBTQ community to combat it mostly alone.

          B. Contemporary AIDS Plight

1. Capitalism’s impact on AIDS treatment and awareness

                                 a. Pharmaceutical corporations focus on profit rather than              treatment. Ex: Martin Skreli

                                  b. America’s lack of universal health care with supporting data from GSU’s RCII.

                   2. Concentration of AIDS in the deep south states of America likely caused by its history of HIV stigmatization racism, homophobia, and misogyny.

                                a. Anti-LGBT laws in Cameroon linked to their very high HIV rate.

                                 b. South Carolina prisons HIV/AID discrimination of inmates

C. Continual activism in support of HIV/AIDS Awareness

                               a. Cuban artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s Untitled (Portrait of Ross  in L.A.) (1991)

                                b. Black AIDS Institues & their PrEP Tool Kit for prevention of HIV contraction for those at substantial risk.

III. Conclusion/Call to Action: Clearly the AIDS epidemic is still prevalent today, and for many African and Latinx communities– its impact is strongly felt.